Can Love Heal?

We read about heartbreak, and may have suffered it ourselves.  There is medical evidence that heartbreak can lead to poor health, even death, but is the opposite also true, can love heal?  In this episode Alvean and Doug, joined by a special guest discuss the facts and the truth about the healing power of Love. For a full transcript of this episode, click here: LL28-Can Love Heal?

Can you love two people?

Songs have been written about it –it’s not an uncommon question. What to do when you find yourself attracted to two different people at the same time.  How do you resolve this dilemma?  In this episode, Alvean and Doug offer their life experience and wisdom on the subject and suggest some paths to resolution.  For more, and a full transcript, click here: LL27-Can you love two people equally?

It is all about me

Some people are the main character of every scene in their lives. It is all about them and the rest of us are just supporting characters in their play.  In this episode, Alvean and Doug offer their thoughts on how best to navigate  should you find yourself in the presence of someone with these characteristics. For a complete trascript of the episode, click here: LL26-It is all about me

Savoring Loneliness

Is it possible to find happiness without being in a relationship?  For some, being alone is a comfort, a retreat into a contemplative life that starts by being in love with oneself.  In this episode, Alvean and Doug discuss those aspects of being alone that are sweetened for individuals who find themselves in this state of being or choose to remain so for the comfort of their own company. For a full transcript, click here: LL25-Savoring Loneliness

You’re not the boss of me

Controlling behavior is not an uncommon dynamic between couples.  It can be overt or more often unrecognized but the struggle for autonomy contends with the desire to please and the need for clear boundaries that respect both party’s rights.  Alvean and Doug take on this fraught topic in thsi episode and offer some counsel on how to avoid finding yourself controlling or being controlled.  For a full traNscript of the episode, click here:LL24-You’re not the Boss of Me

Do opposites attract?

You’ve probably heard it, maybe even believe that opposites are attracted to one another.  But do they make for a good relationship?  In the episode, Alvean and Doug explore the truth and fiction behind the saying and the true path to compatibility.  For a full transcript of the episode, click here:LL23-Do Opposites Attract


The green eyed monster, jealousy, is at the heart of too many failed relationships.  It generally proceeds from a lack of trust or a violation   of the emotional investment one partner has made in the other.  Whatever the underlying cause, jealousy is a difficult monster to tame.  To learn how, listen to Alvean and Doug discuss the subject in this episode.  For a full transcript, click here: LL22-Jealousy

Getting Back with your Ex

Something happened and you and your ex parted ways.  As is often the case, you both may have regret and after a time drift back into each other’s orbits.  Can love be renewed, can ex’s reunite successfully?  To find out what Alvean and Doug have to say, listen to this episode and read the transcript here:LL21-Getting Back with Your Ex

Vindictive Ex’s

Break ups happen and we hope they can be navigated gracefully even though both parties may experience pain and a sense of loss.  But what happens when your ex won’t let go, and pain becomes anger and vindictive behavior?  In this episode, Alvean and Doug talk about how survive such an experience and what causes it.  For a full transcript of the episode, click here: LL20-Vindictive Ex’s